Productive Grade 1 & Grade 2 Arable Land
Crowle & Eastoft

Totalling Approximately 9.83 Acres


The land is situated in two separate parcels, which are both to the north of Crowle. Lot 1 is situated to the north west of Crowle and to the south of Moor Road. Lot 2 is situated to the north east of Crowle and to the east of the A161 Crowle Road to the south of Eastoft. The town of Scunthorpe lies approximately eleven miles to the south east and the town of Thorne lies approximately five miles to the west.

The land comprises two separate parcels of arable land, which are offered for sale as a whole or in two lots. Lot 1 is a distinct field, whereas Lot 2 is farmed in conjunction with the land on either side of it. Lot 1 is classified as being Grade 2 and Lot 2 is classified as Grade 1 on Sheet 104 of the Provisional Agricultural Classification Maps of England and Wales.

The soils are all identified by the Soil Survey of England and Wales as being from the “Romney” association with their characteristics being described as “deep, stoneless, permeable calcareous coarse and fine silty soils” and as suitable for “sugar beet, potatoes and cereals; some field vegetables and horticultural crops”.


Lot NoRLR Field NoNG Field NoDescriptionArea (Acres)Area (Hectares)Claimable Area (Hectares)

1 (Red)25752982Arable2.130.86* 2.93
 Sub Total7.122.88 

2 (Blue)47963696Arable1.690.681.08
 Sub Total2.711.09 


* Taken from RLR map dated 19th March 2013

The land is registered on the Rural Payments Agency Rural Land Register and has been used to activate Basic Payment Scheme entitlements. The outgoing Tenants have made, and will retain, the Basic Payment Scheme claims for the 2019 season. For Lot 1, it is intended that there will be a permanent transfer of an appropriate number of Entitlements to the Purchaser(s) or their nominee as part of the agreed consideration, following completion. However, there are no Entitlements included in the sale of Lot 2, but these can be purchased by separate negotiation from the outgoing Tenant.

A copy of the relevant part of both Tenants 2019 BP5 application forms and the relevant LPIS maps are available for inspection at the Selling Agents’ office by prior appointment or can be e-mailed out on request. Purchaser(s) should satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of the same. Any statement within these particulars is given in good faith but carries no warranty.

The land is offered freehold and is being sold with the benefit of vacant possesssion on completion which will be after the expiration of the current tenancy on 30 September 2019 (Lot 1) or when the current crops are cleared, if earlier (Lot 2).

Full details of backcropping are available from the Selling Agents on request.

It is envisaged that as completion of the sales(s) will take place after the 2019 harvest, that there will be no tenantright payable, likewise there will be no consideration or allowance made whatsoever for dillapidations or any other deductions of any kind.

Early entry onto the land will be permitted following clearance of the 2019 crop by the current tenants, for the prospective Purchaser(s) prior to completion, subject to an exchange of contracts and the payment of a double deposit (20%).

All of the land lies within a designated Nitrate Vunerable Zone.

The sale price is agreed on a VAT exclusive basis and the Puchaser(s) shall indemnify the Vendors for any VAT which may subsequently be payable.

The property is sold subject to any rights of way, reservation of minerals, water drainage, sporting rights, other easments and wayleaves and all rights of access whether mentioned in these particulars or not. Lot 1 is the subject to a wayleave with Northern Powergrid (Yorkshire) Plc in respect of a pole, stay and overhead lines which affect the land. Lot 2 is the subject of an easement for a high pressure gas main which crosses the land.

The land may be viewed at any reasonable time during daylight hours when in possession of a set of these sales particulars.


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