Grade 2 Arable Land
Barnsdale Bar, Doncaster

205 Acres


The land forms part of Barnsdale Warren Farm, Barnsdale Bar with the majority of the land situated in close proximity to the Barnsdale Bar A1 interchange.

Approximately 83 hectares of arable land, the majority being shown as Grade 2 on the Ministry Land Classification Maps and is predominantly limestone. The land is level with good road access for the most part.

The land is registered for Basic Payments with a historical claimed area of 83.5266 hectares. The successful Tenant shall have transferred to them the Basic Payment Entitlements which shall be held on trust by them on behalf of the Landlord.

The term of the tenancy shall be initially 3 years, terminating 15th September 2022, subject to early resumption for any land required for non-agricultural use by the Landlord. The Landlord reserves the right of holdover to harvest the current growing crops.

It should be noted that there is a possibility that during the initial term some of the land adjacent to the A1 may be required for the quarrying of limestone. The Landlord reserves the right to give 3 months written notice to regain possession of any land required for quarrying subject to the payment of crop compensation. The crop compensation shall be assessed by JH Pickup & Co or the Landlordís then Agent acting reasonably. The Agentís assessment shall be binding on both parties. The Landlord will, however, endeavour wherever possible to allow harvest to be taken prior to entry. The Landlord reserves for themselves and their Agents the right to carry out surveys on the land, subject to the payment of compensation for damage.

The Tenant shall not grow root crops in the last year of the Tenancy. Root crops shall not be grown in field number 7754 during the term of the Tenancy unless specifically agreed in writing between the Landlord and Tenant. The Landlord will allow the subletting of land for the growing of potatoes and sugar beet but no other crops. Potato and Sugar Beet may not be grown on the same land more than once during the term of the Tenancy.

Field NoNet Area Ha
(ex BPS)

775413.7694BeetWinter WheatOSRWinter Wheat
738845.6889Winter Wheat
Winter Wheat
Winter Wheat
Winter Wheat
91883.1360Winter WheatPotatoesBeetWinter Wheat
20123.6994PotatoesBeetWinter WheatWinter Wheat
00930.4524Winter WheatPotatoesBeetWinter Wheat
11753.5424PotatoesBeetWinter WheatOSR
18963.9590PotatoesBeetWinter WheatOSR
56734.8812OSRWinter WheatWinter WheatFallow
76591.3552OSRWinter WheatWinter WheatFallow


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